Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Both fashionable and vintage: with Romantic French Lace

Lace is always considered as fashionable and adorable which I totaly agree! Especially the French lace! You can be both vintage and modern with French lace on your wedding dress. You can also complete your look with romantic wavy hair bun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are ready for 2013 Spring-Summer Fashion but what about shoes?

Spring-Summer creations have already been released! We are so excited for the new season! We are following clothes, colours, accessories. But what about shoes? In Elie Saab's, who is my one and only love in the fashion world, new collection; we see light colours again. This design is so modern and the colour is one of the classical and gorgeous Elie Saab choises! If you want to be fashionable, you can use his ideas in the new season. With leather, high heels, wedges, light but passionate colours and modern designs. Stay with fashion ;)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, star of the Glee, wears Elie Saab white sequined dress in the 70th Golden Globe Awards 2013.

How could the same woman be more and more gorgeous by time: Kate Hudson

How could the same woman be more and more gorgeous by time: Kate Hudson. Isn't she just amazing in her black dress with handiwork on the neck and with the low neck cut. She looks just elegant and sexy at the same time.

Two Gorgeous Dresses!

Deep blue sparkled dress and hot red dress. Deep blue sparkled long dress looks just wonderful with the tie through the neck. The red dress looks so classy and elegant and also sexy! It is an example how to use low neck cut in an elegant way! And the thin belt make the dress move.

Sofia Vergara

She is just glorious tonight! She wears a black sparkled dress with all covered by handiworks. She is just brightening!

Adele in 70th Golden Globe Awards 2013

Adele is in the Golden Globe Awards this year with the nomination for the song in James Bond movie which is her first nomination! She wears a special design of black Burberry dress with handiwork. Isn't she wonderful?

Masculen vs. Feminen

One is in a very masculen style with a blaser jacket, modern pants but with a high heels which emphasizig being women! One is in a very girly-feminen dress with all stuffs, sequins and et cetera. Which one is your favorite?

Lucy Liu

We see Lucy Liu here in her dress with huge flowers. It's like puffy and actually a good design but I cannot say that I totaly adore this dress. The fabric is a little bit usual.

70th Golden Globe Awards 2013

A lot of great projects, a lot of great stars and the most important thing a lot of great dresses! Will be there soon.