Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorites from the MTV Video Music Awards 2013

As we all know, MTV Video Music Awards was very sensational with all the performances, dresses and et cetera. But of course, I will be focusing on the dresses; fashion. Let's see who are my favorites; wear the right outfits.

Let's start with Taylor Swift.She is wearing a Herve Leger, who is known with elegant dresses we are used to see on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson. She looks gorgeous in her elegant, fashionable, modern and classy dress. The dress suits perfectly which gives her a feminen look, but with the enough use of decollete she also looks like a lady. I personally think that she is sharing being the most stylish woman in the VMA 2013 with Allison Williams.

Let's continue with Allison Williams. She definitely looks very modern and elegant in her white Valentino. Also the transparent parts of the dress give her a romantic look too. It is absolutely a mix of the modern and the vintage; with the dress and pointy-toed heels. Again I will emphasize the right use of decollete because it is the most thing for a woman to know to wear the right clothes; to look both stylish and elegant.

The other woman I like at the VMA 2013 is Ariana Grande. She just looks like Candy Candy in her mini, floral Kenley Collins dress. Mini, floral printed, light blue, puff sleeves... We can see Kenley Collins style also in the hair; very romantic, vintage, half up, wavy. She perfectly combined her sweet dress with pointy-toed shoes which is the best thing ever and ever made under the name of fashion for me. Just use pointy-toed shoes with simply everything!

When it comes to Holland Roden we see her in crinoline like dress by Naeem Khan. This short sleeved, puffy, studded dress looks her like a modern princess. I have only one criticism; the front of the dress. Ithink it should have been a complete skirt, not turning into pants. Apart from that, the tidy hair bun, appropriate makeup and everything look perfect!

Naya Rivera, Santana of Glee, again looks very stylish in her long, black dress. Messy hair and natural makeup completes her very simple but stylish dress. She decorates her dress with lots of rings which is one of the my favorite accessories. Belly and very little shoulder decollete, looks appropriate for a stylish, modern and elegant look.

Melissa Gorga defines us what is modern in her mini, zipped, leather, black dress. She combines her dress with half pointy toed heels, studded clutch and metal accessories; bracelets and earrings. Also the natural makeup is very compatible with the look. I will make only one criticism for the hair. I think it is "too" messy; waves do not look well. And the color is not right for her skin tone. I think she can try browns like Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie. She will look younger for sure!

Another modern and rebel look at the VMA's belongs to Coco Rocha by Fausto Puglisi. Skinny jeans, pointy toed heels, studded jacket, short hair... Black all over. Those give her a rebellious style. The short and red hair, and light smookey eye makeup completes the look. But I should confess that I like her brown and long hair more!

Well, those are my choises from the MTV VMA 2013. Please share your ideas with me. Can't wait to hear from you. Loves.

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